Medication Management

Medication evaluations and medication management on a sliding scale are available for clients ages 16 years and older who are enrolled in ongoing therapy with a CCMH therapist. Medication evaluation/management is available only as an adjunct service for CCMH therapy clients. We are not able to offer this service to anyone not actively engaged in therapy at CCMH. 

The initial medication evaluation includes a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment by a psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatric nurse practitioner trainee to evaluate the client for psychiatric medications.  This assessment includes a careful examination of mental and physical health to determine the appropriateness of changing or starting new medications.  A detailed history and physical, a review of systems, and consideration of other mental health evaluations will take place as part of the assessment. 

After the initial  evaluation, the client is re-examined at regular intervals by a psychiatric nurse practitioner or psychiatric nurse practitioner trainee for treatment efficacy, response, and tolerability of psychiatric medications.  Medication management will include care coordination between mental health clinicians and/or the primary care team, periodic mental and physical health monitoring, and optimizing pharmacotherapy options.   

The CCMH medication management program is out of network for all insurance companies and cannot not bill your insurance company.  However a sliding scale based on  household income is available.

The cost of any prescribed medication will be paid by the client and will vary depending on where/how the client chooses to fill the prescription and if they have insurance that includes prescription drug coverage.