Providing Affordable, Accessible Mental Health Services

20210420 GMU Testimonial - Patti from The Run Agency on Vimeo.

In the Northern Virginia area, there are few choices for mental health services for those who are economically disadvantaged, or don’t know how to access services.  Our goal is to ensure that we help people access the right service that they need, regardless of income level.  Our sliding scale fee structure allows us to meet clients where they are financially.  During COVID, some clients were paying as low as $5/session.   

In addition, other barriers may include culture, language, worry about identity, just to name a few.  Our goal is to decrease these barriers to help each potential client achieve their goals.  Our Emotional Support Lines – in English and Spanish – are free, confidential and anonymous.  Our testing services, vital to so many children and teens in our community, are on a sliding scale.  Our BRIEF intervention allows for quick and helpful skills in English and Spanish to help prevent further mental health issues.  Our Veteran services are always free – whether it is therapy, testing or working with legal teams to conduct independent medical evaluations.   

We are proud of our trainees, our community and our commitment to providing affordable, accessible mental health services!