Requesting Services

 Please request services at the Center for Community Mental Health, by completing our request for services form.

We will contact you when we anticipate having providers available. You should anticipate a wait of several months before we contact you to begin the pre-screening process. Once you have been pre-screened, there may be an additional wait of several weeks before we match you with a provider.  

CCMH not offer 24/7 crisis intervention or emergency mental health care. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If you are a Mason Student in crisis, you can find additional resources through on-campus Counseling and Psychological Services at 

CCMH is a training clinic that offers evidenced-based therapy for individuals, families/couples, and groups of all ages. Our services are provided by graduate students, under the supervision of professionals licensed in their field.  All therapy sessions are audio or video recorded so they can be reviewed by a supervisor.  

Services are provided at our clinic in Fairfax. Clients who are interested in telehealth sessions are invited to discuss that option with their individual provider.  State regulations allow us to provide telehealth services to clients physically located in Virginia and , in some cases, the District of Columbia and Maryland, during the telehealth session.  Our providers are only permitted to provide telehealth services to clients physically located in states where the provider's supervisor maintains professional licensure. Client’s suitability/eligibility for telehealth sessions vs. in-person sessions will ultimately be determined by CCMH. 

There may be individuals whose circumstances required a therapeutic approach or level of care that cannot be provided by a training clinic. A pre-screening is required before you are placed on our waiting list. If we determine we cannot meet your needs at our clinic, we will offer you a referral.  

Our schedule of fees is available HERE . We do not accept any insurance. However, we do offer a sliding scale based on income. We will be happy to discuss applying for a reduced fee based on your income during the pre-screening process. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.  

If you have additional questions, please leave a message for the Intake Office at (703) 993-1370, or email us at We return messages and emails in the order in which they were received.