Training the Next Generation of Behavioral Health Providers

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Our mission is focused on providing high quality community services while training the next generation of ethical, culturally sensitive and evidence based behavioral health providers.  As the main training clinic for the doctoral students in Mason's Clinical Psychology PhD program, we also train undergraduate students, trainees in counseling psychology, school psychology and social work.  We have externs from other doctoral programs in the community.  We promote interdisciplinary training with our Mason psychiatric DNP trainees as well. 

While direct services are provided by trainees, they are very closely supervised by licensed clinicians on the faculty of Mason.   Many of our clients report feeling better about this arrangement as they connect directly with their provider but feel confident knowing that all work is reviewed and discussed with licensed professionals in the field.  Double benefit! 

Our trainees receive education and training in state-of-the-art psycho-educational testing, as well as a range of evidenced-based interventions for individuals, families and groups.  This means that we look at what works based on the research, take into account what each individual brings and then help each individual based on what is likely to be the best intervention for them.